Lighting design consortium Lightswitch announced that Greg Cunningham and Brad Malkus, based respectively in Los Angeles and Orlando, have been named associate partners in the organization. Both Cunningham and Malkus are long-term members of the Lightswitch team, which features partners John Featherstone, Norm Schwab, and Howard Werner.

Says Featherstone, “This follows hot on the heels of our new office in New York, which we opened last year under Howard's direction. We are now firmly anchored in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orlando and can very effectively serve our clients, who are increasingly global in nature.”

Schwab adds, “Lightswitch has very carefully built a strong talent base, with experts in lighting and projection design who specialize in corporate theatre, exhibits, theatre, music, live entertainment, special events, and architectural installations. With the breadth of the experience of our staff, we can select the best design and implementation team for each individual project. This kind of flexibility is a terrific benefit for our clients.”

Werner weighs in: “Lightswitch is a unique organization. After years working on my own, it's terrific to have this association of trusted broad-based talent to draw on, not only for realization of a design, but for concept development. Having such a group to blue-sky ideas with just accelerates the creative curve.”