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LDA Magazine – December 2010


Avraham Mor; . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dec p.42
Lightswitch Architectural, Chicago
by Paul Tarricone

Avraham (Avi) Mor logs more time on the road than the business traveler played by George Clooney in Up in the Air. When he’s not designing the lighting for exhibits at The Field Museum, you’re likely to find Mor on the proverbial rubber-chicken circuit, speaking or participating as a panelist at various industry conferences (he’s made more than 20 such appearances in just the last few years).

If he’s not speaking, he might be off judging new solid-state lighting products for the Department of Energy in its Next Generation Luminaires competition, or even appearing on national television – on House Smarts TV – as an advocate for residential lighting design. (As it happens, Mor was in New York City, presenting at s SSL lighting conference when interviewed for this profile.) “When I started speaking, I was really looking to educate people and have them hire Lightswitch Architectural [where Mor is a partner]. Recently, I really just want people to hire an IALD lighting designer, hoping they hire us, but as long as an IALD lighting designer is involved in the project I have done my job.”

If all those speaking engagements were not enough, Mor has also found time to compete in the last two Chicago Triathlons. “I look at training for a triathlon as cross-training for my design business. The mental and physical training required to complete a triathlon helps me keep a sharp focus at work and reinforces my self-discipline and confidence,” says the University of Kansas graduate. The 2009 triathlon coincided with a professional milestone – Mor’s acceptance as a Professional Member into the IALD at the tender age of 30.

A FEW KIND WORDS: “Since the first time I met Avi six years ago, I have never ceased to be amazed by his thirst for knowledge, his passion for the environment and his unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the field of lighting design,” says John Featherstone, principal, Lightswitch Architectural. “Our relationship certainly started with a mentor-student foundation, but as the years have passed I have learned every bit as much from Avi as he has from me.”

DOWN THE ROAD: Mor has some far-flung goals for the future. “I hope to become President of the IALD and hopefully a board member in the not too distant future. I hope to be an assistant designer for an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. (I’m still sad that Chicago did not get the games.) I also would like to design a high school and sail around the world.”

Paul Tarricone