If it isn’t ENERGY STAR® LED lighting, what is it?

LED lighting offers an unprecedented opportunity to save energy and reduce maintenance while providing high quality light. But a rush of poor-performing products to market threatens successful consumer adoption of the technology. The ENERGY STAR LED lighting program was created to help decision-makers identify quality, energy-efficient LED products that meet strict performance criteria established by the U.S. Department of Energy. To earn the label, products must meet strict performance criteria such as:

Luminaire efficacy (useful light leaving the fixture/total power input)
Minimum light levels that match existing technology
Limited correlated color temperatures
Zonal lumen density
Minimum lumen maintenance at 35,000 hours

For detailed criteria specifications, visit www.energystar.gov/SSLPartners.

“ If a luminaire does not carry an ENERGY STAR label, I question every part of it. ”

ENERGY STAR is a widely recognized mark of product quality and energy efficiency.
Separating good products from the bad is difficult. ENERGY STAR makes it easy.