When the professionals of the computer and video game industry gathered June 7-9, 2011, at the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 Expo 2011, it really was a matter of fun and games. The members of ESA (Entertainment Software Association) played host to industry representatives and international media convened for the annual unveiling of products, technologies and software for gaming. Lightswitch dominated the shows visual world with spectacular designs for powerhouse clients Nintendo, Sega, Electronic Arts and Tecmo Koei.

It is rare for a design house take care of both press and booth. Lightswitch bridged that great divide for E3 Expo 2011. Their task: to develop the offsite press events and onsite booth environments for not one, but two major companies - Nintendo and Electronic Arts. The result: stunning environments for two separate press receptions that segued aesthetically to the companies convention center booths, providing cohesive and powerful identification of manufacturer and product.

For clients Sega and Tecmo Koei, emphasis was on promoting vitality and presence in the convention center marketplace, and forming compelling destination points for attendees. Staging the design concepts for all four companies required the efforts of forty Lightswitch staff members representing all five offices - New York, Chicago, Orlando, San Francisco and Los Angeles. E3 is a coming home for us, said Chicago Principal, John Featherstone. Nintendo and Sega are charter clients of ours and we go back a long way with them. Adding Electronic Arts and Tecmo Koei to the family has just added to the pleasure of being here.