29 May 2009

Lightswitch’s Charles Foster is a LEED™ Accredited Professional

New York - based designer Charles Foster has earned his LEED accreditation, assuring his understanding of green building practices and principles, as well as familiarity with LEED requirements, resources and processes. The accreditation program recognizes experienced building practitioners and helps meet the growing demand from the public and private sectors for green buildings. As the whole country becomes more aware of energy consumption, the LEED program attempts to address consumption from building construction and operating systems.

The LEED Rating System also gives architects, consultants (including lighting designers) and contractors a common language to facilitate efficient design regardless of whether a building is seeking a LEED Certificate or not – the language and awareness are present and available for use on any project.

As a senior designer and project manager, with a background in both architectural and theatrical lighting design, Foster decided to seek LEED certification to participate professionally in environmental conservation and remain on the forefront of green building design. With the addition of Foster, Lightswitch now has LEED accredited professionals in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

“Green building isn’t just about good public relations,” commented Foster. “Green building reduces operating expenses and increases occupant productivity. As we move forward into the future clean, elegant, and intelligent design will be essential for building owners. Lighting design isn’t about equipment or calculations; it’s about creating environments that maximize the potential experience of occupants. Lightswitch has long been an advocate of responsible design, and I look forward to integrating LEED standards into my process.”