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Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

Mini-Time Machine Museum | Tucson, AZ, 2012

What It Was

The Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, located in Tucson, Arizona is a 15,560 square foot, state-of-the-art museum displaying an entertaining and interactive array of antique and contemporary miniatures as well as enchanting artifacts.

The museum styles itself as a miniature time machine, by which the visitor sets off on a self-guided tour through different lands and times both real and imagined. Over 275 miniature houses, room boxes and enchanting collectibles are part of the extraordinary collection in this educational and magical environment, appealing to visitors of all ages.

What We Did

We joined a core creative team lead by exhibit designers Claro Creative Studios, to conceive a totally cohesive environment supporting the concept of “the mini-time machine”, which was born out of the notion that a visitor would be seemingly transported to different eras by the stories and history of the pieces in the collection. Featuring thousands of artifacts supported by interpretive graphics and interactive displays, the museum immerses the visitor in a self-guided, magical journey.

Fixture choices range from precise, miniature sources illuminating delicate artifacts to fiber optics embedded in ceilings and floors, and everything in between.

These creative fixture choices were balanced with a Lightswitch specialty, environmentally responsible design. Careful fixture selection and accurate placement resulted in a lighting design that is visually appealing, while also reducing energy consumption and saving money in fixture costs.

Why It Worked

The collaborative development process resulted in an exciting new museum, which perfectly showcases this unique privately owned collection of artifacts. Lightswitch’s theatrically influenced design plays a key role in supporting the creative notion, and surrounds visitors to the museum in an elegant, accessible and appropriate environment.