Lightswitch creative directed a new winter lighting experience at Descanso Gardens in Southern California.

Santé Health System's new Fresno headquarters is the antidote to the boring office.

International artist Cliff Garten has elevated a parking garage to a work of art with a new piece titled "Los Angeles Opens Its Heart of Compassion"

A full-scale Italian piazza that features a theater, nightclub, arcade and pizzeria makes this California home unlike any other.

IES Illumination Awards of Merit

For the Fiat's U.S. debut, Chrysler introduced the little car in a big way - It designed a new showroom in L.A.'s Motor Village

Balancing lighting design and art, Lightswitch mines the inner harmony of Sook Jin Jo’s “Wishing Bells/ To Protect & To Serve.”

Boulevard 3 is one of the hottest new hospitality and event venues in Hollywood.

The California Science Center wanted a star attraction for their new building, and the BodyWorks exhibit proved to be the perfect new addition.